Game with wolf head

What do you need:
  • Paper bag
  • Scissors
  • Paint or pencils
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wolf1 If you want to play a fun game then you can first craft this wolf head.
Take the paper bag and put it over your head. Draw a circle on the spot where the eyes should come. Remove the bag from your head and cut out the circles you’ve just drawn. You now have 2 holes.

Draw or paint a big wolf head on the bag so that it looks scary.
You can play a fun game with this on a party. One child is chosen to be the wolf and puts the bag over his head. All other children are in a certain spot or corner, this is their “house”. The wolf passes by and the children follow him whilst they scream “What’s the time Mister Wolf?” The wolf answers from time to time, 4 o’clock, 7o’clock but when he says “12 o’clock, time to eat” he turns around and tries to catch one of the children. The one who’s caught or reaches the “house” as last, is the next one to become the wolf.


  • This game does need a lot of space and will produce a lot of noise.

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