How to print

The printing of the components of this site can be done in several ways.
If you have found a craft work than you can simply print using the browser. This will not print the menu and also no advertising messages because this is disabled at printing. On the top right at the design is also always a text link "Print this craft idea". If you click on it, it will open a print window and you can print the design

Printing Pictures

The pictures are also included with the normal print, but e.g. for a coloring picture is that sometimes not so convenient. So there is also a print function on each picture. Clicking on the image itself opens the same image in a new window (small) and it will also activate the print function. You can then print directly the image separate from the text.

Printing Documents

Sometimes there are documents/pdf files that can be printed. This you just need to load in the correct application (Goes automatically if you click on it) and then you use the print option from that application.
The key combination CTRL-P will also work if you are in that application.

printing of craft work