3D card from a brochure

What do you need:
  • Stiff paper
  • Multiple brochures
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Lute or 3D foam
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This idea is send by:
  • Cindy Jansen

If you have multiple identical brochures then you can use them to make nice 3D cards. Look for a nice figure to use and look for matching coloring paper. Fold the coloring paper in two in order to get a card measuring 11 by 15 centimeters.
Fully cut out the first figure and glue it on the card. From the other figures, cut out only those parts being more elevated than what you had cut out from the first figure. Stick it to the first figure already on the card using the lute or 3D foam. You can repeat the same with a third figure. You can further finalize the card by putting stickers or pieces of paper. Add a nice text message and your 3D card is ready.


  • Often you can obtain nicer cards than with real 3D cutting paper

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