Card on a case

What do you need:
  • Empty CD cases.
  • Old CD.
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  • Greet Vlaanderen
kaartindoosje1 A empty CD or DVD case can easily be turned into a card standard. Especially when you created (or received) a nice CD card.
Put an empty CD case open in front of you, remove the front from the back and flip the loose front. Then attach the front to the back. (see photo). The size of the case is not important, but it should be a single case, not a double. By flipping the front of the case, you can make it stand up by itself.

At the spot where once the CD was you can now re-insert an old CD and decorate it.You can decorate an old CD nicely, in example with a 3D image. Instead of a CD you can also make something beautiful with colored cardboard. Cut a hole in the middle of the board so it will fit perfectly.



  • With a little customization so you can also make a nice picture frame! If you think itís convenient, remove the inside of the case.

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