What a nose

What do you need:
  • Thick cardboard
  • Drawing material
  • Needle and thread
  • Chain
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neus1 Create a card from thick paper measuring 14 by 10 centimeters and copy the head you see alongside onto the card. Hence also without the nose!

Then take a chain measure 6 centimeters long. Apply a thread to the final ring of the chain using needle and thread. Insert the needle into the point where the nose starts. Apply the thread well so that the chain is firmly fixed. Repeat at the other end. Clear away the threads at the backside of the card. Now you can see that the character can have a variety of nose shapes. Shake the card and the shape of the nose will change again. Below you can see an example with the chain being highlighted in yellow.



  • Do you know someone who has hurt his/her nose? Then you can send this card and he/she can look for another nose!

    Hint 2: Instead of a chain you can also use a piece of thread or iron wire. You can also string items to the tread or iron wire. You then also get a sort of chain!

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