Glossy becomes Christmas tree

What do you need:
  • Glossy magazine
  • Golden cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
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This idea is send by:
  • Rian Papanikola - de Groot

You can fold a nice Christmas tree from a glossy magazine. If the glossy is too thin then you can use 2 glossy’s making up one Christmas tree.
Use glossy’s as they have a firm back and the sheets are nicer than a regular magazine.
You can see on the pictures how they should be fold.
First you have a sheet in front of you and you fold the sheet against the back of the magazine. Make sure you do not fold all sheets closely to the back of the magazine because then it cannot stand up nicely.


Then you fold again the fold which you got from the first folding to the inside. You will have a leftover at the bottom, fold the tip back up along the bottom edge of the glossy.
You finished 1 sheet and then you have to fold all the other sheets of the glossy.
Make sure to sharply fold the tips both at the top and the bottom of the tree (you can potentially stroke them with the handle of the scissors)


Make a few golden stars and glue them on different places around the tree. Glue one on a satee stick and put it on the topside of the tree. The result is a very nice Christmas tree.


  • Put some trees together on your cupboard, possibly made from a variety of glossy sizes. If you want you can spray the tree with golden paintspray. Or snow spray.

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