Folding a Christas tree

What do you need:
  • Wallpaper
  • Glue
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kerstboomvouwen2 A nicely folden Christmas tree can be made from four (or five) pieces of folded paper. When you use thick wallpaper it will give a nice effect.
You need square pieces of paper. About 7x7 cm, 6x6 cm, 5x5 cm and 4x4 cm. Other sizes are okay too. Just try it out!

Fold all 4 papers as per the pattern below
1) Fold the square twice in the middle and fold open again
2) Turn the paper and fold twice along the hypotenuse. Fold open again
3) A tricky fold. Tree tips need to meet at the fourth tip with the outside tips going inside in order to get pattern 4
5) Fold the 2 top tips in such way that the side comes into the middle
6) The final model is then ready.

You have to do this with all papers, hence 4 times.
The four models are open at the inside and shove them, from small to large, into eachother and attach them to a card. Your Christmas tree is now ready.
Just decorate the card and you have a beautiful Christmas card. Who are you going to send it to?




  • If you use thicker paper then make the folding lines better by pressing them with a spoon.

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