16-pointed star

What do you need:
  • Papers
  • tape
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  • William
ster04 Stars are used a lot for Christmas decorations. This star can be used for it too. Like on Christmas cards.
Take the square paper and fold the top right corner to the bottome left corner. Fold open again. Do the same with the other corner. Now you see a cross (fig 1). Fold the tips of the square to the middle. Now you have figure 2. Fold 2 sides to the middle line (see folding lijn in figure 2) like an airplane. Now you see 2 triangles. Fold the smallest triangle to the back (fig 3). Now you only see the largest triangle having the tip to the bottom. Fold in double (A to B in fig 3) and you are ready with one of your tips. Now you have to construct the other 15 because you need 16 of this.


Once you are finished you can shove the 16 parts into eachother. Do this by shoving the 2 tips of a triangle into the opening of another triangle. Look at the example on the picture. Work clockwise until al 16 pieces are set.



  • Once you are done you can strengthen them using tape.

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