Rose of tealights

What do you need:
  • Empty tealights
  • Old CD
  • Glue
  • Rolling Pin
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rozenwax0 You can make a nice rose out of empty tealights in which you then can light a new tealight again.
You need 15 emtpy tealight cups.
Remove the potential remainders of the wick and candle wax. A thin layer can be left on. Take a cup and fold 2 opposing sides to the middle (picture 1).
Push them together and flatten the cup as much as possible. You can do this with your fingers but the easiest way is to use a rolling pin. Do the same with the rest of the cups. The cups usually tend to bend as you can see on picture 2. This is the purpose and you can leave them that way. Take the CD with the shining side on the top and we are now going to glue the cups on to it. A glue gun really works well as long as the cups are not greasy from the candle wax (also read hint number 3 at the bottom). Spread the first 6 cups nicely around (picture 3). Only glue the tip of the cup so that the majority stays loose. Take another 6 cups and glue them exactly between each 2 cups that have been glued already. Finally take 3 cups and glue them again between 2 others, leaving an empty spot in between.
Once the glue has dried you can bend the rose petals a bit more in order for them to have a nice shape. The final 3 must be set in such a way that a new tealight fits well.


During the crafting it is handy to keep the surface clean. If there are remainders of candle wax on the surface the cups can become greasy and they become harder to glue.


Picture sent in by Bastiaan

Picture sent in by Anita uit Frankrijk

Picture sent in by Wilma Kuster

You can decorate the rose with decoration materials such as mushrooms, berries, acorns etc
You can glue a variety of things on it depending on the season.
Picture sent in by Vaness Voet.

Hereunder you can watch a movie about this craftswork.


  • You can finish up the bottomside of the CD by glueing a rond piece of paper or tissue.

    Hint 2: sent in by C. Van Geffe: Take the new tealights out of their cup and place them in an old one. That way you always have new, clean cups to make the rose with.

    Hint 3: sent in by Jaap: Glue is such a hassle and itís very tricky to glue them on the CD. Therefore double sided tape is ideal! Put a small piece between the petal and CD and it is firmly fixed.

    Hint 4: sent in by Yvette van den Nieuwendijk: I attach a filt round (those you put underneath furniture to protect the floor). This makes the tealight to stand more stable and avoids the glue from melting due to the heat of the tealight. I also glue 3 small filt rounds underneath the CD to prevent it from scratching the table or cupboard.

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