Marble track from card board

What do you need:
  • Toilet rolls
  • Kitchen towel rolls
  • Tape
  • Cardboard
  • Marbles
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  • Eline Raes
What is more fun than watching a marble rolling down a track which you have built yourself? Is the marble coming down nicely, isnít he falling out somewhere, and how fast does the marble go?

Do you want to enjoy that too? Then create a track using cardboard and toilet rolls.
Start with a construction around which you can build the track. You can make this from card board strips but you can also use cardboard boxes and cut them open leaving the edges of the box intact.
Once the construction for the marble track is done you can cut toilet and kitchen towel rolls in two and attach them as track in and next to the construction piece. Ensure that a marble can always pass through. The tracks should also decline a bit in order for the marble to continue rolling. Otherwise it would fall still. Also whilst transitioning from one track to the other, the lowest track should be positioned in such way that the marble can easily fall in it. Sometimes you have to enlarge the edges a bit to avoid the marble bouncing out due to its speed.
Once the track is completed you can try it out a couple of times and sometimes you need to adapt something here or there. Making such a marble track is a very nice job. Suggest it to your teacher and create an entire wall full of marble track.



  • You can also direct the marbles from one track to the other through small valves.Try it out.

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