Garlands for a party

What do you need:
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Piece of rope
  • Glue
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The first garland is one with flags.
Cut all triangles of different colors of paper. Then you can glue the wide edge of the triangle to a piece of rope. Use multiple colors and put them with different colors site by site on the rope.
If the garland is approximately 6 meters long then you can decorate the room with it. The length depends on the size of the room!


From colored paper cut strokes of paper of about 2 cm wide.
Paste the strips in a circle and every time put the stroke thru another circle you just made.


By Monique Scholten from Philipsburg St Maarten I got a great idea for a garland. You need long strips crepe paper and glue.
The strips are quite long and must have a width between 7 and 10 cm. Two strips of crepe paper you fold like a mousetrap (leprechaun ladder) and then paste the ends together so it cannot unfold again. Now you can stretch them a bit and hang them on the wall. Beware with moisture when this decoration is put on expensive wallpaper because crepe paper may stain!

Lots of fun at the party.


  • The more colors you use the more joyfull it will be.

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