Magic book

What do you need:
  • Two pieces of cardboard.
  • Three ribbons.
  • Glue.
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toverboekje1 This is a kind of magic book.
Take two equally large pieces of cardboard and three ribbons. The ribbons should be pasted to the cardboard in a specific pattern. The drawing shows how to do it and what is dotted (the small boxes) is at the back and stuck the long stretches are in the front (no glue used).
Begin with the central ribbon. Put it on the back in the middle of the cardboard. And wrap it around the cardboard back. Put the other cardboard on top of it and paste the edge of the ribbon onto the cardboard. Make sure the ribbon is attached tightly. Do the same with the other two ribbons, but put those on the other around cardboard.


Your magic book is now ready. You can open the book, and put a map or a picture behind a ribbon. When you open the book differently, the picture is suddenly no longer behind one ribbon, but behind two ribbons.

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