Game of the wind

What do you need:
  • Many old postcards.
  • Scissors.
  • Coat hanger.
  • Thread.
  • Heavy nuts.
  • Glue.
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wind2 For this unusual decoration you need postcards, much as possible. After eg. your birthday you have probably gotten some and you can also ask neighbors and friends too if they have cards for you.
Cut out of all cards pretty equal circles. They should all be exactly the same. For example draw the circles with a (round) cup.

Make than two holes in the card at about 5 mm from the top and 5 mm from bottom. See the drawing at A and B.

Take 4 pieces of long wire and put the postcard at this thread. Do this so that the wire runs mainly on the back of the postcard. Then paste another cut postcard on the back so that the wire is stuck between the images. Just make sure the top of the picture is on top on actually both postcards. So put even more buttons to the wire. At the end of the wire hang a nut so that the wire hangs down. And the top of the wire you fix to the clothes hanger. Below you can see approximately how it is going to be with 16 buttons (32 cards).

Of course, you can also enlarge him and even a kind of fly curtain in the doorway is a possibility. The bigger it is the heavier everything is, so maybe you should take stronger wires.



  • You can also use photos instead of cards, but first ask to your father or mother because photos are pretty expensive!

    Tip 2: submitted by Erik Loch:
    You can also get pictures from magazines or from old books that you should paste on cardboard first!

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