Foil painting

What do you need:
  • Silver foil
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
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  • Randi
folieschilderij Making a nice painting for mum, could be done as follows.
Make a drawing with the use of glue on the cardboard so as to have a vast layer of glue on the paper. You may first wanna practice on a normal piece of paper or sketch the outline of your drawing with a pencil. After one hour, put on another layer. Repeat this a couple of times till you have a thick layer of glue.
Now put on the silver foil and softly press it so the drawing will become visible in the in the foil. Glue the foil to the edge of the cardboard and maybe use extra cardboard to make a frame.
Instead of a drawing, you can also write a message: ‘To my dearest mother’.


  • Instead of glue you can also use thread and then glue the foil over it.

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