Frog shopping list

What do you need:
  • Felt in three different colours
  • Wooden clothes pegs
  • Wadding
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kikker1 Cut out the big part showed alongside twice, one yellow for the stomach, one red for on top. The small part is the mouth and should be cut twice out of blue felt. On top you can first stich some figures and you sew on two beads as eyes of the frog.
Then sew the feet and sides together and fill the frog up with wadding.

Second coming to the mouth, put in the clothes peg with the clip to the front. Sew the small pieces together as pointed out by the dotted line and fasten the clip of the clothes peg.

kikker2 After that sew the mouth together on the upper and lower side. The frog can now be put up with for example a nail between the legs or just put it on the table. When opening and closing the clothes peg, you can put in a note in his mouth.


  • When making it for mothersday you can directly put in a sweet poem to your mum.

    Hint 2; submitted by DaniŽlle. If you roll up a piece of paper and attach it on the back of the frog, you can put in a pencil. May always come in handy. You can also put it near the telephone so you can write down numbers directly.

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