Ball from woolen pentagons

What do you need:
  • Cardboard
  • Wool leftovers
  • Cotton wool
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This idea is send by:
  • Jacqueline Lindekens
wolbal2 Making a nice ball for your dad. Offcourse you use the colors of his favorite soccer club.Cut out 12 pentagons from the cardboard (fig 1 below). Hold the wool end behind one pentagon and wind it along the pentagon in a v-shape (fig 2). Along the back, go to the next side and again make a v-shape. Once you have done the same at all sides, you’ll have a star shape (fig 3). Continue like this until everywhere you have 6 threads next to eachother. Sew the end on the back side. String a thread through the 12 threads on the side (fig 4). Do this for each side. Once you have all 12 pentagons, knot them together (fig 5).
Start by taking one pentagon and knot pentagons to all sides creating half of a ball. Do this twice. Knot the halves together and sew the ends. Fill up the ball using cotton wool prior to knotting the final pentagons together. Attach a thread so you can hang the ball.



  • If you make this with all class mates and hang the balls on multiple heights from the ceiling, then you will have a wonderful view.

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