Make a magnifyer

What do you need:
  • Round bucket
  • Piece of clear foil
  • Elastic string
  • Knife or scissors
  • Water
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vergrootglas It is possible to make your own magnifier, a nice thing to do during the holidays.
Take a small round bucket, or something else with a round top. You should however be able to cut it! In the sides you make two or three small openings using the knife or scissors. Your mother or father can help.
The openings should not be perfectly round, but your hand has to fit through it. Now take the foil and cover the top of the bucket with it. Make sure it is tight and use the elastic string to keep it at its place.
Now poor a little bit of water on the plastic. This will lower somewhat and puff up, which causes an magnification.
Now hold something in the bucket, under the plastic and you will see is has been magnified.


  • The amount of water and the size of the bucket define how much the object is magnified. So start experimenting!

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