What do you need:
  • Roller from paper towels
  • Paint
  • Water
  • Brush
  • Tealight with case
  • Shells
  • Sand
  • GluePlate or piece of card board
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vuurtoren2 Paint the roller in red and white as shown on the picture. Nice, wide red strips going up. You can also paint little windows and a door. Make a few small incisions at the top and the bottom of the roller. Fold the pieces of card board (flaps) at the top of the roller to the inside and those at the bottom of the roller to the outside.

At the bottom side you glue the flaps onto a plate or piece of card board so the lighthouse stands stable. Carefully push the tealight into the lighthouse at the top of the roller. Donít push it too deep, the top side of the tealight must be at the same level as the top side of the lighthouse.
Make sure itís secured well.

vuurtoren1 Use the sand and shells to make a nice scenery around the lighthouse. Now you can light the lighthouse. Make sure there is an adult around when the lighthouse is on.


  • You can also take a lamp of the St Maarten stick (from the lampion) to light the lighthouse. That is much safer.

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