Windgame souvenir

What do you need:
  • Old picture postcards
  • Scissors
  • Clothes hanger
  • Thread
  • Small heavy bolts
  • Glue
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wind2 To make this unusual ticker decoration, you need as many postcards as you can get. You probably got quite a few yourself and you can ask anyone around you. Cut each card in a nice an equal circle, all have to be the same size so you might want to use a cup to draw the circle first.

Stick two holes in the card on the top and on the bottom around 5 mm from the edge, see also image A and B.

Take 4 equal pieces of thread and string the first picture on. Make sure the thread goes mostly on the back of the picture and glue another round on the back so also the thread is fastened. Do not forget to put the nicest side on the outside! Repeat this with the other circles and at the end of the thread you attach a bolt so the string will hang straight. The upper side can be attached to the clothes hanger so you can put it wherever you want. Under, you find an example of about 16 circles, so used 32 postcards.

Of course you can always make it bigger or a mosquito net in the doorway is possible. However, the more cards you use, the heavier it gets, so you might want to use stronger thread and maybe also knot the circles to the thread.



  • Instead of using postcarts, photographs do also work. Do ask your parents first, for pictures are a bit more expensive.

    Hint 2, sent by Erik Loch: Also images from magazines or books can be used, though you have to first attach them to cardboard!

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