Pirates treat

What do you need:
  • Large box.
  • colored paper.
  • Egg cake.
  • Drop Lace roles
  • Sweets.
  • Foil.
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This idea is send by:
  • Arzu Cakmak
piraatje1 A tough boy, can make a treat from pirate faces. But a though girl can of course also. The faces are mainly made ??of a egg cake and a coiled liquorice lace.
The licorice lace is his eyepatch. A piece of red licorice his mouth and a little sweet is his only working eye.
A red piece of paper, the head shawl of the pirate. Each face can be tightly wrapped in foil.
For transportation and handing out take a big box, also depending on how many treats you have to hand out. The side decorate with water and portholes. On the back you can make a big pirate flag and fixate. If the boat is ready then the pirate faces will all be put in the boat.



  • Use icing candy as glue on the egg cake.

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