Pot pendant

What do you need:
  • An old garden (flower) pot.
  • Rope.
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potje1 For a pendant you just need some rope and of course an old pot. Especially the stone pots are particularly suitable because they have a nice edge.

Take two pieces of rope about 1 meter long. Tie them together right in the middle . (Point A)

potje2 There are now four wires from the center. Make a knot in the distance B is that can not pull shut.
The distance B is middle bottom of pot to just below the wide brim.

Put the four ends on the table in a cross-shape and keep pulling the ends through the adjacent node. Now put the pot in the middle and pull the rope tight. Thus create a ring under the rim.
Knot The other wires together at the end. You can now fill the pot with a nice plant and hang up.In the spring you can sow seeds in the pot and then with Mother's or Father's Day you have a nicely filled pot!



  • You can decorate the flowerpot nicely. That will be a nice gift!

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