Cake present

What do you need:
  • 8x printed pastry forms.
  • Glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Nice figurines.
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This idea is send by:
  • Anneke Struving
taartvorm2 Print out the pastry forms (print out 8 times if you want to make a complete cake). Use firm paper to print, click on the first shape to print separately! Then glue the pastry together and hide a gift or money in a pastry. Create all forms and decorate nicely with pictures, stickers or other fun things. See example.



  • You donít have to create the whole pie, you can also give one piece of pie on a nice cake wrapper.

    Tip 2:
    You can also use thick cardboard boxes in point form and put a treat on it. You now have a pizza instead of a cake.

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