Bookart 8 - Do something with the extra pages

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boekkunst8muzieksleutel In this part of book folding art we finishing the pages when you have too much for the model.
In part 2 we made next to the heart some extra folds in the sheets to the heart to get the pattern somewhat from the sides. Freestanding.
On this page you can find some other examples.

The music key on the right also has some extra fold away pages and these are angled right once and then folded back. The ribbons are to show show the lines of the music paper.

The pages partially folded to make the model come forward and so leave the rest.
This is a nice way because you do not get too many folded pages where the book continues to expand or when things made ??the figure too pressed. The latter may also be an advantage if the figure is made a little too wide Then you fold intentionally something extra to push it correctly.

Here in points folded:

Another option is to just leave it as it is, so do noting with the rest of the pages.
This is certainly not a bad way to do. The nice thing is that you always see well that it is a book that was made into art.

All pages fold in the same way, for example in a point. Or only the top or only the bottom.
You can also repeat the pattern (partly) and another to come forward. With the example of heart from part 2 make them for instance in a row of more hearts.

All pages fold and also bring in a gradient pattern.
This depends on the pattern but can give a very nice effect.
To give an example, for example, start with the point that we already did and every fold you go to the end (inside book) now always 5 mm to the outer edge. So every leaf is becoming slightly fuller on the outside. Not the first few pages but then it becomes increasingly clear.

Completely horizontal folds inwards.

You can do this with all the sheets but you can also becoming a millimeter more (or less far) folding a flat course so you get more and more comes out.

There remains one part and that is Bookart 9 - Examples and Downloads


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