Bookart 2 - Folding a simple pattern

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boekkunst2hartje If the pattern is in place (as discussed in Bookart Part 1) then you can start folding with the book.

First you must know how many pages youre pattern has and you should know how many pages your book has.
Then you can determine on which page you are going to start folding so that the figure is about to stand in the middle of the book. (So not vertically as in part 1, but horizontally in the pages)

Example: If the book is 160 pages then that is 160 divided by 2 is 80 pages. When your pattern as in our example, the heart, has 30 sheets to fold then youre left with 80 minus 30 is 50 pages. That's 25 on each side.
Those 25 sheets are 50 pages in the book so you should start on page 160 minus 50 is 110.

Place the book face down on the pattern and the open side facing you. You will also place the beginning of the book (the edge with sheets) on the first line in the pattern.

Fold the right half on the black line of the pattern (the edge where the figure starts) and let it finish in the corner (inside) of the book. Do this also with the left half.

So this is the first page. Draw right on the pattern a line so you know where you are. If the book is shifted or teken of to watch, you always know where you are at and then proceed to the next page.

Slide the book a bit down to the next point. The horizontal line! Again, fold the two points exactly on the black border in the pattern and gives a dash when done. And slide it back on.
So continue until the entire pattern is folded and youre figure in the book is finished.
In BookArt Part 4 you also find a video making it even clearer.
You can stop here with folding but you can still make it more beautiful.

To get the figure separate from the sides you can fold extra points that are farther back . Do that on both sides next to the figure with each side as required with 5 to 10 sheets.
This folding is simply done without pattern.
Folding a first sheet to the back at 45 degrees and then the other side in the same way. This makes a double point but that does not matter.
See the examples in the pictures.

The final result is a protruding heart folded in the book . Real bookart!

Also nice to try are the next simple patterns.
pdf book art small arrow
pdf book art small dog

In this chapter we have made a small pattern were we always fold to the inside of the book. This may also done in other ways and we will discuss this in Bookart 3 - Where to fold

Foto by: Gail Kamper

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