Bookart 7 - Several tips for book art

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boekkunst7groep7 In this section some additional tips that during (or after) the folding of the book may be of interest .
After six parts, we can actually go folding every pattern you like. You only need a good book that has enough sheets for your pattern
So below are some tips that can help to make fold your book arts, getting better and better.

Keep in track in your pattern what you have folded.
If you have for example two folds on a highlighted part mark it too. For example, with an extra dash. If the pattern is to be made a later time, you can do it the same way. It is also useful if your book is ready and somehow not right. Than you can see what you have done wrong. There you can learn how to make these books better. And you can decide to do it differently next time.

Fold the pattern once in the negative. The heart of part 2 does not jump out but just will be inside. The effect looks very different but very nice!

Do you have a pattern consisting of several sheets then you start with the last part. You work from back to front. The next part you stick in exactly the same place as the previously pasted part when you're done with all the folds of that part. Do not first remove the old pattern but stick the new one over the old one! This is because you can otherwise move relative to the ruler easily. And that is not intended as a slightly shifted pattern indicates a less beautiful figure in your book.

Note, therefore, that if you start a new pattern part, the end of one part is exactly the same as the beginning of the next part. They namely printing exactly the same place, so if you have end folding you can skip the first place on the sequel.

Do you have a book with a soft cover that you want to use you can adjust the front and back with strong cardboard. This is especially with smaller paperbacks very convenient. Also allows you hide the often ugly front and back of these books and is pretty neutral.
The front and back can then be decorated or described. This can be fun if the gift is for example for a wedding or an anniversary.

Your book is ready, but it stretches too much and that's just not good for the pattern! Then you can try to pressing it together more but also a solution is to use a ribbon around it.
That you can customize to your book or your pattern and with a bow, or simply knotted.
In the example, a cat that was too stretched and with a ribbon is pressed.

Your result is not quite what it should be. It's just too wide. Then you can always remove some sheets again. You just tear a whole sheet out where you can see that there is too much. This is done in all the places where you can find and then it becomes a self- thinning pattern.
Note: you can never create a sheet, so watch out what you do.
The end result is too thin and needs more then you really can do nothing else than to start over with a thicker book and make sure you get more folding points.

Do you have many long folds in the book it may be that the book on the inside is too tight causing it to stand very open. If a ribbon does not fit than you can tear out the folded-back portions. It is perhaps less tidy but you do not see it and can do much care in the tightness of your book.

If there are more pages than folding parts in your pattern. What you do with those pages you can read in Bookart 8 - Do something with the extra pages.

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